The Importance of Resin Flooring for the Food Industry

20 Apr 2022

Flooring health and safety risks in the food industry 

We all know that it is essential to keep food production and …

Health & Safety Line Marking

18 Mar 2022

Toe the line

The health and safety of customers, staff and visitors is a priority and HSE requirements state that you …

Avoid a slip up. How safe are your floors?

7 Feb 2022

According to the Health and Safety Executive, slips and trips are the most common cause of injury at work and …

New Year, New Floor?

18 Jan 2022

New Year, New Floor?

Does your warehouse, kitchen, showroom, or reception floor need replacing or updating? Are your changing room floors …

Best floor coatings for a commercial kitchen

16 Dec 2021

Commercial kitchens are in constant use and subject to heavy footfall so any floor coating must be extremely hard-wearing. Busy …

Best flooring for a warehouse

22 Nov 2021

Warehouse flooring needs to be extremely hard-wearing in order to withstand heavy traffic. Many warehouses are operational 24/7 with pallets …

Epoxy Resin Flooring for Hotels

14 Oct 2021

Safe, robust, and hard-wearing yet hygienic and easy to maintain flooring is essential. Choosing the correct cost-effective flooring solution for …

How epoxy flooring can reduce your environmental impact

21 Sep 2021

Most companies opt for epoxy flooring because it is a hugely practical, hard-wearing and cost-effective material. And it’s attractive too. …

How to choose the perfect commercial resin flooring for your business

1 Sep 2021

Commercial resin flooring provides a smooth, seamless finish and is hard wearing and durable, with a life expectancy of between …

Pet-friendly flooring for kennels

14 Jul 2021

Kennel Flooring

If you run a kennel, cleaning and hygiene will be a big part of your daily routine. Your kennel’s …

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