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Benefits of MMA Flooring

Methyl Methacrylate [MMA] flooring systems achieves results not possible with other resin systems and is suitable for installation in kitchens, warehousing, food production and leisure facilities. Additionally, MMA is suitable for external applications such as walkways and ramps and swimming pool surrounds. MMA has incredible bond strength, high UV stability and compressive strength, so is installed in a wide range of temperatures and over a host of substrates, including tiles. Here are further benefits of MMA flooring:

Heavy Duty

MMA is suitable for use in heavy traffic areas. It withstands fork-lifts and pallet trucks and takes the impact of falling objects or items being unintentionally dragged along the floor without damage plus can withstand heavy cleaning regimes.

Rapid Installation

The prospect of a facility shutdown can be disconcerting but not necessary. Typically, MMA reaches full chemical cure within 60 minutes of installation meaning that the floor can be put back into operation use under an extremely tight turnaround. We understand the importance of minimising disruption to your business and that is why our expert installation teams work 24-hours, seven days a week to fit around your schedule.

Safe, Hygienic, Easy to Keep Clean and Maintain

MMA creates a seamless, non-porous finish which is easy to keep clean with bacteria having no joints to hide in. The anti-slip properties help to keep staff and customers safe from slips and falls.

Looks Great Underfoot

MMA is available in a wide range of attractive colours, including bespoke. Coving can also be rapidly installed to complete the look.


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1 Apr 2023

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