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Best brewery flooring solutions

Like all food and drink manufacturers, breweries need safe, hygienic flooring that’s robust enough to withstand the knocks and bumps caused by heavy traffic and spills. The best brewery flooring solutions are hygienic resin screeds and epoxy resins that provide a seamless finish and help your brewery comply with Health & Safety regulations.

A seamless finish that’s easy to keep clean

Because epoxy and resin floorings are applied in a liquid form. They provide a smooth, seamless surface across the entire floor. This means there is no possibility of dirt, germs or bacteria being able to accumulate. That could cause problems later on, which is the case if a ceramic tile gets cracked or the grouting comes loose. A resin floor is therefore a lot easier and quicker for your staff to clean thoroughly, which leads to better results.

Easy to repair

An additional advantage of a liquid application is that if your brewery does need to make repairs to the flooring. They will be straightforward and cost-effective. And after the repairs, you will be left with flooring that has the same seamless finish you would have achieved. If you’d replaced the entire floor!

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When hygiene is vital

Hygiene is an essential element in a brewery, so it’s important to have a flooring that can be kept hygienic and clean. Robex products such as the RXPU 6290 and Foodsafe Quartz are perfect for breweries. Because they are hygienic, waterproof and non-slip and they’re also chemical and abrasion resistant. Which means you can safely use disinfectants and anti-bacterial cleaning products on them, as well as hot water. They will even withstand steam cleaning.

Robex flooring can be applied overnight

Robex installers work around your working hours to cause minimal disruption to your day-to-day business. They are happy to prepare and install your new brewery floor overnight. As the flooring only takes a few hours to dry, your staff can begin work as soon as they arrive for their morning shift, with no costly downtime.

Anti-slip floor coating

An anti-slip coating is an essential element of your flooring. In a brewery, there are bound to be spills, so an anti-slip coating is an additional safety measure to protect your staff.

Using colour

Robex flooring comes in a variety of colours which can be put to good use to map out different areas of your brewery. For example, pedestrian walkways, crossings, heavy traffic areas, line markings, etc. As an added bonus, your floor will also look great!

We provide specialist floor contracting services throughout the UK. Contact us to find out more about the best brewery flooring solutions on the market and get a free quote.

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29 Jun 2021

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