Best floor coating for commercial kitchens

Best floor coatings for a commercial kitchen

Commercial kitchens are in constant use and subject to heavy footfall so any floor screeds must be extremely hard-wearing. Busy commercial kitchens also require flooring that is hygienic and easy to keep clean plus with the increased risk of spillages and splashes an anti-slip surface is essential. A superior floor coating is a good business investment: a high-quality, hard-wearing floor coating system will not require frequent repairs, minimising repair costs and disruption and the best floor coatings will last for at least a decade, giving a better annual return on investment. So, what is the best flooring for a commercial kitchen?

Robex flooring options for commercial kitchens

We specialise in the installation of resin screeds and epoxy resin flooring systems which tick all the boxes when it comes to the requirements of a commercial kitchen floor. Our epoxy resin flooring systems have good abrasion, impact (to cater for those heavy pots and pans), temperature, and chemical resistance. They are hard-wearing enough to be steam cleaned and withstand hot temperature spills.

As well as the need for a hard-wearing floor, it is essential that any flooring is hygienic. Our epoxy resin flooring systems provide a seamless, easy to keep clean (just use detergent and hot water) finish. Which can be steam cleaned for those stubborn spillages and stains if needed, as opposed to tiles which provide places for dirt to accumulate. Tiles are also more prone to damage.

Robex epoxy resin flooring systems

All of our epoxy resin flooring systems provide an anti-slip, hygienic, seamless screed. Foodsafe Quartz and RXPU 6290 have both been created for use in commercial kitchens. It is also perfect for the food and beverage industry, cold stores and many more.

Foodsafe Quartz – A rapid curing acrylic resin flooring system. Which incorporates attractive coloured quartz aggregates providing a decorative, hygienic and seamless finish.

RXPU 6290 – High strength polyurethane screed is designed to withstand heavy duty use. It is resistant to thermal shock, abrasion and chemical attached in aggressive environments.

Both products come in a range of attractive colours.

Minimising disruption

We are happy to install your commercial kitchens epoxy resin flooring at a time that suits you. If required, our teams work overnight 24/7 to get the job done. Our rapid curing flooring screeds will have your commercial kitchen back up and running by the morning.

See for yourself

We have installed our flooring screeds in many commercial kitchens throughout the UK including: Corinthia Hotel, the Hilton London Metropole Hotel, and the Royal Hospital Chelsea. If you would like us to install the best hard-wearing, hygienic flooring for your commercial kitchen, or have a question please contact us for more information.

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16 Dec 2021

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