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The best flooring for factories

Factory flooring doesn’t have to just be robust, they have to adhere with health and safety regulations also. An epoxy floor coating offers a number of industrial solutions that will enable your operations to be more efficient and safer. Whilst at the same time as protecting the floor from damage caused by heavy use. So, what is the best flooring for factories?


When so many people and heavy machinery work side-by-side, it’s necessary to clearly define zones. To ensure the safety of everyone working in the factory.

In the same way that we use roads and pavements, with lines and markings, your factory flooring will help keep everyone safe. With epoxy flooring, you can also use contrasting colours to clearly define walkways and pedestrian crossings. In order to define where it is safe for forklifts and other machinery to be.

Colours can also be used to denote different areas where different activities take place. If you need to keep certain items separate from each other, you can use coloured zones to denote what can be stored where. Or use colours to show where different parts of your production will take place. As long as your employees all understand the system, the way you layout your factory flooring can increase efficiency as well as safety.


The best thing about epoxy flooring is that, however, complex the layout in terms of colours, the covering over your entire factory floor will always be seamless. This is enormously important in terms of cleanliness and hygiene as, without any breaks or cracks, there’s nowhere for dirt or bacteria to accumulate.

The epoxy flooring is easy to clean with standard mops and general-purpose cleaners. It is waterproof and durable enough to be cleaned as often as you need to do it. It’s even tough enough to withstand steam cleaning or machine cleaning.

How hygienic you need your factory floor to be will largely depend on what you’re manufacturing. In the case of food, drinks, pharmaceuticals or surgical equipment, make sure you use hygienic resins such as the Foodsafe Quartz. It is also scratch-resistant and chemical resistant, helping it to maintain its hygienic qualities.


Epoxy floor coatings, such as the RXEP range, are tough and hard-wearing, which means they will last for years – possibly up to 20! With abrasion, chemical and impact resistance, they’re more difficult to mark, stain or damage. They are strong enough to withstand heavy traffic as well as daily use by heavy vehicles. With less damage likely, there will be fewer breaks in production for repairs to be carried out. The durability of epoxy flooring for factories means you’ll get a good return on your investment.

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16 Dec 2020

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