How to fix a leaky roof with resin

How to fix a leaky roof with resin

28 Oct 2020

Resin is an ideal material for fixing roof leaks. It is long-lasting and waterproof and can be applied to the …

Where and when would you choose resin flooring?

6 Mar 2020

Resin flooring offers many excellent benefits for commercial and industrial businesses. Different resin floorings have different properties, making it ideal …

Pros and cons to epoxy flooring

3 Feb 2020

If you are looking for an affordable, durable and long-lasting floor for your industrial building or factory, then epoxy flooring …

Responsibilities for contractors

8 Jan 2020

When investing in new flooring you want to use a contractor who will ensure a high-quality floor that is long-lasting …

The best commercial floor types

11 Dec 2019

The requirements of commercial flooring are twofold: firstly, they have to be robust and hard-wearing; and secondly, they must be …

Seven signs you need a new warehouse floor

26 Nov 2019

As the main thoroughfare for all of your business activities, warehouse floors take a lot of abuse on a daily …

Common questions about industrial epoxy flooring

17 Oct 2019

What is epoxy flooring?

Epoxy is a mixture of liquid resin and hardener which we use to cover floors in an …

Why the condition of your warehouse floor is important

20 Sep 2019

Keeping your warehouse floor in good condition is vital for your business for a number of reasons:


A correctly prepared floor …

Concrete repairs

26 Jun 2019

Concrete has been around since Roman times – it was used in the construction of buildings, monuments, roads and bridges, …

Why floor colours and line marking are so useful

29 May 2019

On the roads, we’re all used to line markings and colours – we understand that the white lines in the …

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