Why choose epoxy floor coatings

Why choose epoxy floor coatings

29 Mar 2019

Epoxy floor coatings offer a number of huge advantages over other flooring materials. They provide safe, durable and long-lasting coverage, …

Weatherproofing Your Business

26 Feb 2019

If there’s one thing we can’t guarantee in the UK – it’s the weather! But in our unpredictable climate, we …

New year, new floor?

8 Jan 2019

Does your warehouse or kitchen floor need replacing? A new floor is a large capital investment, so it’s important to …

Best floor coatings for a commercial kitchen

19 Dec 2018

A commercial kitchen needs to be treated differently to a domestic one. Not only are commercial premises subject to more …

What is the best industrial flooring option?

23 Nov 2018

Industrial flooring needs to be tough, durable, safe and practical. The best epoxy resin flooring for the job depends on …

Tips on how to look after your new epoxy floor

24 Oct 2018

As soon as we’ve installed your new epoxy resin flooring, we will give you tips on how to take care …

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