The best commercial floor types

The requirements of commercial flooring are twofold: firstly, they have to be robust and hard-wearing; and secondly, they must be safe. Different industries will have different requirements for their flooring – some will need to offer a practical solution for busy areas where traffic is likely to be heavy; others must be hygienic, especially in food preparation areas; and flooring in public areas will also need to be attractive.

Robex has a number of different products that are suitable for different floor uses. All come in a variety of colours and are quick-drying enough to be installed with minimal disruption to your business.

Best flooring for hotel kitchens

Hotel kitchens need hard-wearing, hygienic flooring that can withstand heavy use and frequent spills. The best flooring to use in these areas is a screed such as RXPU 6290, which is a strong, impact-resistant and non-slip polyurethane product specifically designed to be used in industrial kitchens. The screed can be cleaned with detergents and disinfectant and is able to withstand extreme temperatures including steam cleaning.

Our other recommendation is Foodsafe Quartz which is designed for long service life, is resistant to scratches, impacts and spills, and can even be applied in sub-zero temperatures, which makes it ideal for installing in walk-in freezers.

Best flooring for factories and warehousing

Factories and warehouses need robust flooring that’s able to withstand heavy traffic and impacts. We frequently use RXEP Hi-Build 500 which is an epoxy coating that can withstand the majority of service conditions, offering a non-slip, seamless and waterproof finish, and is resistant to abrasions, impacts and chemicals.

If we need to do repairs to existing concrete floors before we apply the epoxy coating, our engineers use Robex Epoxy Crete.

All our products come in different colours which enables you to colour code the different areas of your flooring. For all-important line marking, we use RXPX Hi-Build Resin.

Best flooring for external surfaces

External surfaces in public spaces cannot afford to be slippery, even in wet or icy conditions. We recommend Deckmaster sealer or Gripmaster resin, both of which can be applied to concrete and timber surfaces, to provide a non-slip surface that is also resistant to abrasions. They are ideal for walkways, car parks, balconies and any outside areas that have heavy foot or vehicle traffic.

11 Dec 2019

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