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How epoxy flooring can reduce your environmental impact

The majority of companies opt for epoxy flooring because it is a hugely practical, hard-wearing and cost-effective material. And it’s attractive too! Once installed, it looks great and will last for years. But what about its environmental impact? Our environmentally friendly epoxy flooring has many sustainable benefits allowing your business to be part of the change from the floor up!

The seamless nature of environmentally friendly epoxy resin flooring has multiple benefits such as:

No wastage with epoxy flooring

Epoxy Flooring inside a warehouse

A big bonus of epoxy flooring is that there’s no waste in the process of its installation. With a tile floor, there will always be off-cuts and breakages, which often end up in landfill. Epoxy resin flooring is ‘laid-to-measure’. You get exactly what you need and no more. So no paying for waste, and no unfriendly excess for disposal.

An epoxy floor is easy to sweep

The smooth, all-in-one application of epoxy leaves no cracks or crevices where dust, dirt, moisture, or the general flotsam of life can gather. It is virtually impossible for unwanted material to accumulate.

No Chemical Cleaning

Seamless epoxy floors are non-absorbent, and therefore extremely resistant and durable to spills and stains. Consequently, the need for cleaning with unfriendly chemicals is massively reduced or even eliminated.

For the most part, any mishap can be easily wiped clean with a cloth and hot water: with maybe a splash of regular detergent and a hint of elbow grease. And just in case your floor is not 100% spic-and-span after that, epoxy flooring also has a high degree of heat resistance, so steam cleaning will not harm the surface.

Bright and Cheerful, Decorative Epoxy Flooring!

Epoxy Floor Resin Process, Robex Contracting, Floor Specialists

As you’ll see from the photo above, epoxy floors are shiny and reflective: adding brightness to the room. For any location or place of business, they help reduce the need for powered lighting: providing an environmental benefit and saving on electricity bills.

Disposal? Optional.

Epoxy flooring is extremely hard-wearing and comes in all manner of colours that you’ll love from the start. However, at some point, you may think about a change. What becomes of your existing floor?

Well, you can simply leave it be. At the end of its requirement, your old flooring does not have to be taken up and disposed of – you can simply install the new floor on top of it.

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21 Sep 2021

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