Best floor coatings for a commercial kitchen

A commercial kitchen needs to be treated differently to a domestic one. Not only are commercial premises subject to more Health & Safety regulations, but they will also be in almost constant use. It is therefore vital that the floor covering is fit for purpose.

It needs to be more durable and hard-wearing in order to be able to cope with much heavier use. The kitchen could be in use every day from early morning until late at night, be used by many members of staff at the same time and will need to be able to withstand the use of heavy trolleys. There is also a greater chance that heavy objects will be accidentally dropped on the floor, as well as crockery and glasses. It is highly likely that hot food and drink will be spilt on the floor on a daily basis, so it also needs to be able to withstand high temperatures.

At the same time as the need for a hard-wearing floor, there is also a greater need for a surface that’s easy to keep clean and hygienic. Tiles are therefore not the answer as dirt will accumulate between them. They are also more prone to damage from heavy objects being dropped on them, and any cracks will further reducing cleanliness.

Robex epoxy floor coverings

Epoxy floor coverings provide a seamless floor covering. We use two hygienic resin floor screeds with anti-slip coating manufactured by Robex. Food-safe Quartz and RXPU 6290 have both been developed to be hygienic and robust enough to be used for floors in commercial kitchens floors as well as food and drink manufacturing premises.

Foodsafe Quartz Hygienic and seamless, Food-safe quartz can be installed in three or four hours. It’s ideal for kitchen areas, cold stores and heavy use areas. It has a seamless hygienic finish, excellent slip resistance, even in wet conditions, and is scratch and impact resistant.

RXPU 6290 – Strong, hygienic, waterproof and non-slip, it can withstand steam cleaning, hot water and, disinfectants, and has great resistance against impact damage.

Both products come in a range of colours.

We have installed floors in many commercial kitchens including at the Corinthia Hotel, the Hilton Metropole London Hotel, and the Royal Hospital Chelsea. If you would like us to install hard-wearing, hygienic floor covering in your commercial kitchen, contact us for more information.

19 Dec 2018

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