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Why you should choose a high build resin flooring system for your showroom

Flooring needs to be tough, hard-wearing, and resilient enough to cope with a high volume of traffic at all times of year. Yet it also needs to look impressive and be easy to maintain. Ensuring your showroom decor always delivers a great first impression to your customers. This is why you should get resin flooring for your showroom – epoxy resin flooring you will achieve it all!

Take a look at the RXEP Liquid Floortile 3000 installed for a well-known kitchen retailer. Which offered the showroom a perfect blend of practicality and attractiveness. And our resin Gripmaster System installed for a luxury skincare clinic.

Flooring can be as colourful as your brand

We have a wide selection of colours available or bespoke colours can be manufactured. Giving you the opportunity to create a floor that reflects your brand personality. We can install any colour, anywhere and still provide the perfect seamless finish. Great for creating zones and walkways, or just to make your showroom more fun.

Easy to keep clean

Robex epoxy resin flooring is easy to maintain. It has great resistance to water, heat, and chemicals. It only requires soapy water to keep it clean and remove most stains but can be steamed cleaned and will withstand the use of disinfectants without damaging the surface. Perfect for keeping your showroom as COVID-secure as possible.

The joy of epoxy resin flooring is that it is seamless. Applied as a liquid, it covers the entire surface with no cracks or joins to attract dirt. This makes it easy to keep the floor spotless, without having to worry about water making its way into cracks and causing long-term damage.


With the effects of the pandemic expected to continue, hygiene is a particularly high priority. In addition to the ease with which epoxy resin flooring can be kept clean with antibacterial materials. Even if your premises do not handle foodstuffs, the extra level of safety will afford greater peace of mind.

Quick to install

With any flooring installation, you want to keep disruption to a minimum. Our flooring systems are rapid curing and with the flexibility of our services, our expert teams can carry out installation overnight, ensuring you do not have to worry about breaks in your trading hours, even if you are open seven days a week.

We provide specialist floor contracting services throughout the UK. Contact us to find out more about the best resin, showroom flooring solutions on the market and get a free quote.

Robex Contracting
12 Apr 2021

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