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Tips on how to look after your new epoxy floor

As soon as we’ve installed your new epoxy resin flooring, we will give you guidance on how to maintain it. Essentially, maintenance is simple and straightforward as the epoxy floor coating is nonporous and therefore will not need as much maintenance as, say, an uncoated concrete floor. However, you still need to take care of your floor in order to prolong its life and get great value for money. So, here are our top tips on tips on How To Look After Your Epoxy Floor:

Daily sweeping

Sweep your epoxy floors daily using a soft brush – if you use stiff bristles, you risk scratching your floor’s coating making it look dull. Keeping it clean will prevent the build-up of dust and abrasive particles that could end up damaging it.


How frequently you’ll need to wash your epoxy floor will depend on how much traffic it gets. As a rule of thumb, you’ll only need to wash it once a week with a detergent solution. However, areas of high traffic will need washing more frequently.


If anything is spilt on the floor, it needs cleaning immediately. The majority of spills can be wiped up using a damp cloth. The coating is especially susceptible to solvents, caustics and acids which need to be dealt with straight away in order to avoid damaging the surface.

Preventing damage

Of course, the best way of dealing with potential damage is to try and prevent it. Here are our tips on keeping your floor looking good for as long as possible:

  • To avoid scratching or gouging the floor’s surface, carry rather than slide heavy objects across it.
  • Put mats inside the entrances to help prevent dirt being trodden into the surface.
  • Only use soft cleaning brushes.
  • Never use caustic or acidic cleaning products as they will damage the surface.
  • Do not use soap-based cleaners as they will leave a residue which will dull the shine, and also make it more slippery if the floor gets wet.

If you would like to discuss any project or aspect of how to look after your epoxy floor, please feel free to contact our epoxy flooring specialists for advice.

Robex Contracting
24 Oct 2018

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