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Hygienic flooring: Keeping your business safe from COVID-19

Cleanliness and hygiene are important in any commercial environment, but with the pandemic affecting lives on a daily basis, it is now vital. There has always been a need for hygienic floor coatings in commercial kitchens and healthcare buildings. But this year it has also become a vital element of all business premises regardless of sector.

There are two elements that are necessary when it comes to keeping your floor hygienic and as COVID-secure as possible. One is the coating or floor covering you use, the other is to ensure that there’s nowhere for the virus to hide. Cracks, damaged areas and degrading grouting provide great hiding places for all sorts of dirt, germs and bacteria to flourish. Making it difficult to keep clean and sanitise as they offer so many nooks and crannies in which they can escape the mop.

A resin floor covers the entire surface area seamlessly, enabling you to eliminate all the places the virus can settle. It’s, therefore, a lot easier and quicker for your staff to clean, and with better results. This means you can wash the floor more frequently and hygienically without taking up too much time, protecting staff and visitors alike.

Hygienic floor coatings

In addition to frequent cleaning, using hygienic flooring will give you a big advantage when keeping your premises COVID-secure. Robex floor coatings are impact-resistant! They’re designed for heavy use areas where there are more likely to be frequent drops and spills which could cause damage to less robust flooring.

We recommend:

RXPU 6290 – a hygienic, waterproof, non-slip and strong polyurethane floor screed. It is resistant to abrasion and chemicals, which means you can use as many anti-bacterial cleaning methods as you see fit without spoiling it. In fact, it will withstand steam cleaning, hot water and disinfectants. This screen is perfect for food manufacturers, breweries, chemical processing companies and processing plants. It’s virtually odour free which makes it ideal for kitchen areas.

Foodsafe Quartz – a hard-wearing floor covering that provides a seamless hygienic finish. Designed for commercial kitchens and food and drinks manufacturing, as well as hospitals, warehousing, engineering workshops, etc. It is scratch-resistant and is designed to have a long service life. It can be applied in sub-zero temperatures, so it’s perfect for walk-in freezers.

Both floor coverings come in a variety of colours and are quick-drying enough to be applied overnight which will minimise disruption to your business.

If they do get damaged for any reason, seamless repairs can be carried out swiftly and easily.

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Robex Contracting
25 Nov 2020

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