New year, new floor?

Does your warehouse or kitchen floor need replacing? A new floor is a large capital investment, so it’s important to use the correct industrial flooring for your company’s needs. You need it to be tough enough to deal with heavy-duty usage, chemical spills, food and liquid spills, at the same time as being hygienic and non-slip.

Robex has developed epoxy resin floors and floor screeds that provide a smooth, level surface that can withstand heavy use, is impact resistant and won’t crack under pressure.

Epoxy resin floors

Epoxy resin is suitable to be used as a floor coating in most industries including warehousing, chemical, engineering, printing, etc, as well as food processing plants, breweries and abattoirs. It provides a hygienic, seamless coating that is easy to clean and maintain. Epoxy flooring can be applied with a non-slip finish to ensure the safety of your employees.

Coating a concrete floor with epoxy will help preserve it for longer. Epoxy coatings are resistant to chemicals, making them ideal for warehouses, laboratories, pharmaceutical manufacturers etc. They are popular in garages and the automotive industry as they are resistant to liquids such as oil, petrol, bleach, transmission fluids, etc.

Floor Screeds

Robex floor screeds provide a hygienic, waterproof, non-slip floor that is resistant to thermal shock. It is virtually odour-free and easy to clean which makes it perfect for use in industrial kitchens with strict hygiene regulations and which are often subject to spillages of hot food and liquids.

Robex flooring

Even though our screeds and epoxy resin floors are practical and robust, they don’t have to be unattractive. They come in a range of colours, enabling you to colour code your working areas, or just make your buildings more cheerful.

Crucially, our flooring is quickly installed meaning minimal disruption to your business. In fact, we often lay floors overnight or at weekends, so there is no disruption to your staff or productivity at all.

If you would like to discuss how we can help create practical and robust new flooring that will last for years, please contact us.

8 Jan 2019

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