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Kennel Flooring

If you run a kennels or vet a non-slip, pet-friendly kennel flooring that is easy to clean and hygienic is one of the most important factors. Your kennel’s flooring will also need to be robust enough to cope with the animals’ claws scratching across the surface, which has the potential to cause damage. It’s, therefore, necessary to install pet-friendly flooring in your kennels that is tough enough to cope with everything dogs and cats can throw at it.

Easy to clean, kennel flooring

Cleaning Kennel Floors, Clean & Dry Easily With Epoxy Flooring

What makes epoxy flooring the best pet-friendly kennel flooring?

Epoxy resin and resin floor screeds offer a hard-wearing solution throughout your kennels and are suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. Robex flooring has several advantages that will make it perfect for your kennels.

It’s easy to clean – Our flooring can be cleaned with household detergents and water, but as it has tremendous chemical resistance and is heat resistant, you can steam clean it and use disinfectants and chemical cleaners without affecting the quality of the finish.

The seamless finish keeps it hygienic – Epoxy and resin flooring is applied in liquid form, which means it creates a seamless finish. Not only does this keep it waterproof, which protects your premises from damage, but it also helps keep it hygienic. Cracks and damage are a common problem on tiled or concrete flooring, and these gaps will collect dirt that’s more difficult to clean.

It has excellent abrasion and impact resistance – Which means it’ll be less likely that even the most excitable dogs leave claw marks on the floor. And however much they throw their bowls or toys around the place, the floor will never suffer.

It’s built to last – Epoxy flooring is designed to be used on industrial premises, so it can cope with heavy vehicles and high traffic and still lasts at least 10 years. That’s why it’s used in many warehouses, factories, breweries, and car parks.

It’s easy to mend – Because of the seamless nature of the material, if there is damage, it can easily be repaired. The application of the same liquid epoxy or resin will result in a seamless, waterproof finish that’s as good as new.

It’s quick to install – Epoxy flooring is designed to be installed over the top of your existing flooring. If you were to replace a concrete floor or a tiled floor, for example, you would need to spend time and money breaking up and preparing the old surface before laying the new floor. With minimal preparation, epoxy flooring simply covers your existing floor, covering the old, damaged flooring with a smooth, great-looking finish. And because it dries in a couple of hours, your enclosures won’t be out of use for long at all!

It’s colourful – Our epoxy flooring comes in a range of colours which don’t just look good, they can also be useful. Different coloured flooring can be used as an easy way to highlight designated areas, such as those used for quarantining or zones for problem pets.

We think you’d be barking up the wrong tree if you don’t consider epoxy pet-friendly kennel flooring for your kennels! Contact us to find out more and get a free quote.

14 Jul 2021

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