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Introducing Robex Superfast PV-Flake Resin Flooring

Introducing the Robex Superfast PV-Flake resin flooring, the ultimate way to transform your industrial flooring. This new product offers a hard wearing, highly decorative resin flooring system based on the rapid curing MMA (methyl methacrylate) technology. It has been developed for rapid installation in high traffic environments.


This product is perfect for the following: Hotels, leisure facilities, retail outlets, universities, schools and colleges, healthcare facilities, offices, and commercial buildings.

Advantages of Robex PV-Flake resin flooring

A major advantage that the Robex decorative PV-Flake floor resin has over its counterparts is that it is UV resistant. It has excellent chemical and stain resistance and is seamless and hygienic with anti-slip properties. We also offer the option of coving for an extra special wow-factor finish.

Aesthetic resin floor design

This resin is available in a wide range of attractive colours, including bespoke options. This product is not only the hardest working resin flooring available, it looks great underfoot!

Rapid installation

Floors back in use in just 1-2 hours significantly reducing client downtime. Robex expert resin flooring installation teams operate 24/7 throughout the UK.

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Robex Contracting
5 Oct 2022

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