Weatherproofing Your Business

If there’s one thing we can’t guarantee in the UK – it’s the weather! But in our unpredictable climate, we can be pretty sure that wet weather is more likely to feature.

That’s why you’ve always got to make sure your business is protected from the worst that nature can throw at us, which means two things: protecting your building and its contents.


As with any building, it’s vital that your roof doesn’t leak. Any water getting into the building will cause damage, and if you don’t carry out regular checks or maintain your roofing properly, you might not even be aware there’s a problem until it’s too late. Even a small leak will let in enough water to cause mould in the walls, loosen ceiling tiles or damage furniture and equipment.

It is far cheaper to prevent damage than to repair it. Robex’s RX Fibre Fill roof coating can be used as a weatherproof coating on flat roofs or for small repairs. It is an acrylic resin filled with reinforcing fibres which dries into a coating that allows the substrate to breathe but does not allow water to pass through.

For flat roofs, balconies and car park decks, Deckmaster liquid roof sealer is water and chemical resistant. It is durable enough to be used on almost any surface and can be applied to vertical as well as horizontal substrates..


Wet weather can cause problems with outdoor walkways and stairs which can become slipping hazards. Robex has a number of non-slip products designed to prevent accidents and protect people from injury.

Non-slip boards come in all shapes and sizes and can be fixed to stairs, landings and walkways. They’re quick and easy to install and will be effective straight away.

If you need to use an anti-slip coating on internal or external walkways, factory floors, loading bays, vehicle ramps or car parks, the Gripmaster and RXEP Safety Grip HD are both very hard wearing and can be used in areas of high traffic. The Gripmaster will protect concrete, timber, masonry and steel structures.

Robex weather-proofing products can be installed at any time of year. As contractors, we are happy to work overnight or at weekends in order to install Robex protective products with minimal disruption to your business. Please contact us to find out more.

26 Feb 2019

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