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Why Choose a Resin Floor?

Why Choose a Resin Floor? This is a question the experts at Robex Contracting are often asked, so we have put together the FAQ’s to help you below:

Wide range of options

Resin flooring whether epoxy, polyurethane, screed, or methyl methacrylate (MMA) provide a range of options created to suit your premises and are perfect for areas that are likely to become wet or contaminated with foodstuffs or chemicals plus areas that receive a lot of traffic. Zones that require an anti-slip finish can be accommodated or a smoother more easily cleaned finish is required. Adding coving creates a completely seamless and hygienic finish.

Line marking

Adding resin line marking creates areas to store machinery, pallets, or other items. Hatched and ‘No Entry’ markings, pedestrian walkways, as well as straight forward resin line markings specifying boundaries around storage areas, keeps employees away from certain zones and can help improve the way your premises operate.

Looks great

Resin flooring is aesthetically pleasing and available in a wide range of colours or bespoke if required to match company logos and branding.

Health & Safety

Inadequate and poor flooring is unhygienic. It can spread illness, become easily damaged by spills, trapped food particles and can encourage the spread of bacteria. Microporous surfaces such as concrete create hygiene issues due to dust, dirt and bacteria finding their way into the surface and allows grease, oil, and food flakes to become trapped. Microporous surfaces are also highly susceptible to staining from spilled liquids plus eventual damage from overenthusiastic cleaning with harsh chemicals causing chips, cracks, and flakes. Non-porous coverings such as tiles and vinyl can create a serious health and safety slip, trip and fall hazard when wet and damaged and are not suitable for heavy-duty kitchens and industrial applications.


Resin flooring and resin line markings can be quickly and easily installed. Robex expert installation teams operate throughout the UK 24-hours, seven days a week to ensure minimal disruption to your business.

If you still have questions on why you should choose a resin floor or simply looking for free quote? Please get in touch.

We provide specialist floor contracting services throughout the UK. Considering vinyl flooring? read our top 5 reasons why resin is better!

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26 May 2022

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