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Why Choose the Robex Team for Your Epoxy Resin Flooring Installation?

Need a new Epoxy Floor Coating? Find out why your business should choose Robex Contracting for all your Epoxy Resin Flooring Installation requirements:

Industrial Flooring Experts

Epoxy floor coating installation should only be attempted by specialist technicians. Which is why Robex Contracting Ltd, the UK’s leading industrial flooring expert, are the perfect partner for your contract. We have a trusted, highly-skilled and dedicated team of resin floor layers and epoxy floor coating specialists. Who, between them, have many years experience producing fantastic-looking floors, every time.

It is also valuable to note, when searching for epoxy flooring specialists, that they are members of the relevant industry bodies. As you will see on the FeRFA website, Robex Contracting proudly hold current accreditation to the Resin Flooring Association (FeRFA).

1. Safety and Documentation

Always ask any contractors that you are thninking of employing for copies of relevant Health and Safety documentation. This will make sure that all work complies with current health and safety regulations, including RAMs and product safety data sheets. Please note, to assist you in this process, Robex Contracting are proud to be an approved SafeContractor

What does SafeContractor Approved mean?

To achieve the SafeContractor Approved status, a business must prove that they are a safe and responsible company. This involves ensuring that all paperwork is compliant with current legislation and that processes are in place to ensure health and safety are handled in the best way possible.

Why should you use a SafeContractor Approved business?

  • SafeContractor approved business do not have to complete multiple pre-qualification questionnaires, saving both the supplier and customer time and money.
  • As a SafeContractor, you are assured that the experts at Robex Contracting services are committed to sustainable and ethical practices, whilst also demonstrating that we comply with up-to-date health and safety standards.

2. Epoxy Flooring Preparation

Naturally, when beginning any commercial or industrial flooring work, such as when applying any resin floor coating, preparation is paramount. Which is why the Robex team will professionally prepare all surfaces using diamond headed grinding machines. This method of preparation is the best and most effective way to remove any weak, loose and/or friable laitance. Whilst still providing a mechanical ‘key’ for the epoxy floor coating to adhere to. And there is no need for concern over dust pollution, as the vacuum assistance on each machine ensures it is a 95% dust free operation.

3. Available 24/7

We understand the importance of minimising your company’s downtime, which is why our teams operate seven days a week, 24-hours.

4. Location

Whether your project is located in the heart of London or throughout the UK, we’ve got it covered!

Want to know which epoxy floor coating you need? Or do you have a question about your current epoxy resin flooring installation? Well, the experts at Robex are here to help, just contact our friendly team today!

We provide specialist floor contracting services throughout the UK. Contact us to find out more about the best epoxy resin flooring solutions on the market and get a free quote.

Robex Contracting
5 Sep 2022

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