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Anti-slip coating for dock levellers

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Provide a long-lasting anti-slip solution for dock levellers that would also be capable of withstanding heavy-duty lifting equipment.

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Materials Used

Robex Gripmaster

Gripmaster is a rapid curing, acrylic resin system that incorporates assorted sizes of aggregate to create a safety anti-slip finish. Following application, areas can be back in use in just 1-2 hours. Applications include walkways, metal ramps, tiled areas, loading bays, steps and landings, gantries, bridge decks, platforms and loading docks.

Work Undertaken

The steel substrate on each dock leveller was mechanically prepared using specialist equipment with vacuum assistance. Following the application of a metal primer the Gripmaster System was installed.


The client asked for a minimum of six dock levellers to be completed during monthly 12-hour shutdown periods. Precise plans, consulting with the client and working throughout the night ensured this was successfully undertaken during five shutdowns.


The end result was six newly refurbished dock levellers, each providing a high degree of slip resistance and able to withstand the impact of industrial trolleys and their associated heavy loads. Work on the remaining dock levellers is scheduled to take place throughout 2022.

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