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Broadgate Estates Loading Bay Liverpool Street, London

Anti-slip resin system

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To remove all existing paint on the floor. Repair areas of damaged concrete. Install Robex Gripmaster at 4mm. We were asked to carry out the anti-slip resin system works at a Broadgate Estates site through a company called Croft Maclaine, who we work closely with on different projects.

Materials used

Robex Gripmaster.

Work undertaken

The entire floor was prepared using a Scanmaskin 5000PD diamond headed grinding machine. We then installed our Robex Gripmaster resin screed at 4mm, the coloured quartz used was Mist Grey.

The anti-slip resin system includes installing a primer, followed by a self-levelling resin. Whilst the resin is still wet, the mist grey aggregate was then broadcast over the whole floor. Once the resin had cured, the excess aggregate was removed and two sealer coats were applied.


The loading bay is extremely busy during the week. We were asked if we could complete the works on a Sunday, ready for the Monday morning rush. All preparation works were completed Sunday morning. The resin was then laid in the afternoon, with the rapid curing time of just 1 hour. The loading bay was then ready to use as normal, by 9 pm Sunday evening.


No disruption to the client, they have been left with an extremely head wearing resin floor that will last for many years to come in this environment.

Customer Feedback


The work undertaken on this project was carried out very professionally. Our Client at Broadgate Estates was very happy with the whole project, especially the fact that the floor was ready for use so quickly. They are finding the resin screed easy to maintain and keep clean. It is now much better than before and much more Robust.  

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Broadgate Estate Loading Bays
installation of new resin flooring
Anti-slip resin system

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