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Refurbishment of Penguin Swimming Pool

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Blackpool Zoo marked its 50th anniversary in 2022, having officially opened its doors on July 6th, 1972. Over the years, it has transformed into a prominent tourist destination in the Northwest of England, dedicated to enhancing the experience for both visitors and the diverse array of animal inhabitants. The zoo is always seeking new ways to improve its offerings and maintain its position as a top-tier attraction.


The client was looking for a resilient, and aesthetically pleasing resin flooring solution that would be simple to maintain.

Materials used

Robex Epoxy Crete and Swimming Pool Coating (SPC).
Epoxy Crete is an extremely strong, epoxy resin mortar based on the latest novolac resin system blended with graded quartz aggregate for repairing damaged concrete.
SPC is a single pack rubber-based resin system that provides protection to swimming pools, ponds, and marine applications. SPC is suitable for use on wood, metal, plater, brick, masonry, and fiberglass.

Work undertaken

The pool originally had a plastic pool liner that had to be removed to expose the concrete pool tank which was found to be in good condition with only a few repairs required. Preparation of the tank involved grinding followed by pressure washing to remove any surface contaminants followed by the filling of any holes and imperfections with Epoxy Crete. This was followed by the application of a first coat of our SPC thinned 25% with thinners to seal the surface followed by two full coats of SPC to leave the finished surface.


The major challenge faced by our team was mother nature and her weather which was very wet during the duration of the work which had to be halted until it improved just before the Easter holidays.


Blackpool Zoo is continually upgrading its animal enclosures and attractions with the refurbishment of the penguin pool being the first part of a major program to improve those housing animals from the Southern Hemisphere and Antarctica. As part of this Robex Contracting was asked to survey and develop a specification for the renovation of the existing pool which was eventually completed to a high standard and to the full satisfaction of the zoo company and opened on time for the Easter holidays and the tourists that would visit the attraction during the rest of the summer season.

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