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Installation of anti-slip resin flooring to the Directors Box

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Materials used

Robex UV Stable Polyaspartic

For areas that demand exceptional toughness, our polyaspartic resin floor coatings offer a durable solution that lasts a long time. By combining polyurea and polyaspartic resins, a strong and flexible coating is formed that firmly adheres to the underlying substrate for additional safeguarding.

Polyaspartic is also resistant to UV rays, which helps protect against fading and discoloration due to sun exposure. The glossy finish further enhances chemical resistance by providing extra protection from wear and tear.

  • UV resistant
  • Hard-wearing
  • Seamless finish
  • Excellent chemical resistance
  • Wide choice of colours

To ensure an almost dust-free operation, diamond grinding machines equipped with vacuum assistance were utilised to mechanically prepare the existing floor. After a meticulous preparation process, a layer of RX Foodsafe Quartz was installed to a 4mm in thickness and featuring resin coving measuring 75mm.

Work Undertaken

The substrate was mechanically prepared removing all flaking paint. The first coat of Polyaspartic was installed with a broadcast of fine aggregate into the wet resin. Due to the rapid curing properties, the final sealing coat was applied the same day.


Very few challenges, work was carried out during off season so our team had plenty of time to complete.


Arsenal FC left with a hardwearing, UV stable, anti-slip flooring solution for many seasons to come.

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