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Robex Contracting were contacted by Center Parcs’ to make a swimming pool floor repair. The Subtropical Swimming Paradise pool at Woburn Forest, Bedfordshire, despite the fact the site hadn’t been open long, was experiencing issues. The original resin screed installed in the pool was starting to break up causing a threat that the pool may need to be closed. Center Parcs' reached out to Robex Contracting, as the leading resin flooring specialists, to help them resolve the issue.

Our specialist team used a waterproof, fast-curing resin to replace the existing swimming pool flooring. With as little disruption to service as possible. This is how our contractors proceeded:


Center Parcs is a busy venue and it was imperative to keep the pool open to allow the guests continued access until it closed at 10:00pm.  The pool was then drained and we used a resin (MMA) that cures in 2 hours to make the repairs. The pool was then refilled ready for the guests to use in the morning.

Materials used

MMA resin

Work undertaken

Once the pool had closed at 10.00pm, the maintenance team at Woburn drained the pool. Robex Contracting then had access to it from midnight. The damaged areas were force dried using a gas bottle and then prepared using a handheld diamond headed grinder. The technicians used the rapid setting Robex MMA resin; the areas were primed and then the resin rich mortar was installed and troweled in place.


The pool was then ready to be filled early the following morning and with no break in pool access for Center Parc guests.


Do you want advice on a swimming pool floor repair? Contact Robex Contracting, the resin flooring screeds expert, today!

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