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Eastbury School Canteen – Resin Flake Floor

Resin Flake Floor

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Materials used

MMA – Blended Coloured Flake

Work to be undertaken:

  • All Vinyl flooring was removed using mechanical equipment.
  • The substrate was mechanically prepared using a diamond headed grinder with vacuum extraction.
  • Areas of failed screed were repaired using MMA rapid repair Mortar.
  • Robex Primer GP was then installed by squeegee and roller.
  • Robex Resin GP was installed at 2mm and whilst the resin was still wet a coloured flake fully broadcasted to completely cover the resin.
  • Once the resin had cured all loose flake was swept up and collected and the floor was lightly sanded down.
  • Two coats of Robex Sealer GP were then installed with glass beads added to create an anti-slip finish.

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Removing 600 sqm of Altro flooring wasn’t easy…

  • We hired a sit-on scrapper machine to remove the original flooring.
  • The floor was in poor condition and several large repairs were needed before we could install the Robex Flake System.
  • Various adhesion tests were carried out due to the poor substrate prior to laying the Primer GP.
  • We only had a five-day slot to complete, so the preparation had to be carried out as quickly as possible.


The school has been left with a decorative anti-slip resin floor that will last for many years to come.

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