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Chemical bund protection

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Boortmalt is a multi-million pound company supplying malt to the brewery and distillery trades. We were asked to look at an existing effluent bund that was leaking and in a poor state of repair. The concrete structure had developed a number of cracks and the polypropylene liner had debonded from the surface.

Materials used

Work undertaken

The polypropylene liner was removed and the entire bund was cleaned down to remove all traces of waste. All cracks were repaired using Robex Dura Quartz and the surface was shot blasted and ground mechanically, to produce a clean dry surface. The bund was then coated with Robex MMA Deckmaster Resin system, which is rapid curing and has excellent chemical and impact resistance which is seamless and very durable.


Effluent bund repair to include a new seamless resin system that will provide a durable chemical resistant bund.

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