Football Association Wembley Stadium

Clear Anti-Slip resin applied to concourses

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Clear Non-Slip Resin system applied to 25,000 meters at Wembley Stadium

Robex Contracting was invited by the FA to look at problems they were experiencing on concourses level one and five at Wembley Stadium. The original flooring was a coloured polyurethane screed, with a clear sealer and had become very slippery when wet.

Materials used

Gripmaster Resin

Work undertaken

Robex Contracting proposed using a clear resin system, with a clear non-slip aggregate. Trials were carried out using this system and Robex Contracting performed adhesion tests using their own equipment. Robex Contracting then arranged for non-slip tests to be undertaken by a third party. The results from all tests were satisfactory and work started on level one to the concourse and all the toilets, of which there were 36 in total on each level.

The floors had to be prepared carefully to remove the clear sealer and to make sure the screed was not damaged. Once the floor had been prepared, we applied our Gripmaster Resin with a white aluminium oxide non-slip aggregate. The fast-curing resin is ideal for use in the low temperatures and it meant that work could be carried out the day before an event.


The work was completed ahead of schedule and has provided a clear non-slip surface.

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