Millennium Gloucester Hotel

Repairs to resin flooring

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Installation of new ACO Drainage gulley units under rational cookers and brat pan.

The gulley requirement had been raised over 4 years ago but due to the design of the services within the kitchen, it had been put on hold. The works had to be done whilst the kitchen was fully operational. It also could not be agreed as to how the design of the units would be able to be installed under 3 rational units and a brat pan that needed to be used due to the volume of meals that are produced within this busy 4-star hotel based in the Kensington area of London.

The main kitchen floor required new additional gulley units to resolve the issue of wastewater building up across the floor.

Materials used

4 x ACO Drainage units designed to provide the necessary falls required and to capture the wastewater into a large gulley unit beneath brat pan.

Work undertaken

Cut out existing PU screed and tiles underneath as well as the removal of old pipe works and fit into the existing waste trap. Cut and installed gullies using resin bulk infills / Application of RXPU6290 screed finish and seal joints around all units. 


Gulley units all installed as planned whilst the kitchen was in full operation.

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