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New Anti Static Floor

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Peak Productions provide automated test and measurement solutions within the aerospace/rail/automotive and industrial markets.

Work undertaken

Having carried out the preparation works the primer coats were installed and then a copper tape grid system was laid across the entire floor. A further primer was then installed over the copper tape and left to ‘cure’ before the body coat was then installed across the floor at a depth of between 2-3mm. The tapes are then earth connected across the room.

We carried out floor replacement using Electro Static Dissipative Floor System. The area was approximately 480m2 and was a very uneven old concrete floor. The floor had to be heavily prepared using mechanical grinding equipment and then repairs to cracks and raised edges across the floor needed levelling prior to the new ESD system being installed.

Materials used

ESD Self Level System.


A smooth level matt blue floor to the spec the client had requested.

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