Technocover Limited Montgomeryshire, Wales

Floor Resurfacing

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Technocover is a leading manufacturer of high strength security enclosures and covers installed throughout the UK and Europe.

Technocover Production Director Francis Sayle, contacted Robex Contracting Limited, seeking a way of resurfacing the concrete slab located in their transport and storage yard, at the rear of their factory in Welshpool. The concrete of the slab was being eroded away as a result of continual wear, caused by stacker trucks and lorries passing over it with heavy loads.

Materials used

Robex Gripmaster Acrylic Resin System with Gun Metal Aggregate was specified for the project, as it provides excellent wear protection and long service life in this demanding environment.

Work undertaken

Preparation of the concrete substrate was completed by enclosed vacuum blasting, followed by the application of the Gripmaster System.


Working to a very tight program of just three days and in order not to disrupt the production process of the factory, the work was completed in two halves.
Having prepared the substrate by shot blasting, we found that the concrete had deteriorated to varying depths through the yard, which needed to be filled and bought back up to a level prior to the application of the resin system. This placed further pressure on the program which required our team of applicators to work longer days, in order to get the project completed on time without disruption to production.


The project to return the concrete slab back to an acceptable and safe standard with long service life was successfully completed. Technocover was very pleased with the outcome. They are now considering completing further upgrades of their yard using the Gripmaster System.

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