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New resin floor screed to kitchen floor

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Robex Contracting was asked to upgrade the floor areas which were in a poor state. The existing floors were tiled and many tiles had been cracked. Around the edges of the floor, where it met the walls, the majority of the coving tiles were loose or had fallen off. Over the years, dirt and grease had become lodged between the floor tiles and it was very difficult to clean the floor to the standard required.

After a thorough survey, and discussions with the client, it was proposed that all coving tiles would be removed, as would all cracked tiles to the central floor areas.


Work had to be carried out while the kitchen was still in use, so very careful planning was required.

Materials used

Robex polyurethane RXEP 6290 resin

Work undertaken

All work was carried out and completed in a two-week period, and with very little disruption to the daily working routine of the kitchen, which remained fully operational throughout.

New covings 100mm high were installed to all upstands and plinths, and the main floor area had a new seamless, very durable, 6mm screed applied throughout.


As part of its after-sales service, Robex Contracting advised the Hilton on the best way to keep the new floor clean. A demonstration using a new scrubbing machine was arranged and the Hilton invested in this machine which enabled them to keep the floor clean at all times.

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