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The Home Office Westminster Car Park

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Robex Contractors were tasked with the application of RXEP Hi-Build 500 to a car park in Westminster.

The Home Office building situated in Marsham Street in Westminster is a high-security government building with over 2,500 employees working from this site.

Materials used

RXEP Hi-Build 500.

Work undertaken

We were asked to remove the existing coatings and signage from a number of bays and install the new requirements over a weekend period, commencing at 6.00pm on a Friday evening with the bays ready to be back in service on Monday morning.

Several hours were spent removing the existing coatings mechanically, incorporating vacuum equipment, to reduce dust and the new bay sizes were marked out. 

A primer in a blue finish was applied with an aggregate scattered across the surface, which provided a non-slip finish which was allowed to cure overnight.  The top coat was then applied followed by white line markings and numbers.


Working to a tight schedule – the work was completed over a weekend and finished on Sunday evening, ready for use on Monday morning.


A superb hard wearing floor.

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Home office car park
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