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Resin screed to pool surround & changing rooms

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The Leys School has been a client of our sister company Robex Industrial Products Ltd for in excess of 35 years and when our local Area Manager heard of the pending pool refurbishment put forward Robex Contracting to carry out the works. The client, already familiar with the quality of our product range, chose us over any of the competition.

Materials used

Robex Gripmaster in three different colours, swimming pool grilles bespoke manufactured in white.

Work undertaken

The surface we were tasked with was re-surfacing a swimming pool constructed in the early 1900s. The pool surround had a six-inch tile surface that sloped to soakaways and to the pool edge, an area of this surface had suffered from moisture ingress over a long period of time which meant several square metres had blown and become detached from the screed beneath. These were removed and a 15mm screed of MMA Resin with aggregate was installed to fill the void. The remaining tiled surface was diamond ground to gain a ‘key’ to apply the Gripmaster System.

  1. Apply coat of MMA Tile Primer
  2. Apply by trowel 2mm of MMA Resin Coat pigmented in Chelsea blue
  3. Scatter two different shades of blue quartz over the resin coat
  4. Sweep and vacuum all loose quartz from the surface once cured
  5. Apply two coats of MMA Sealer to seal in place and provide an anti-slip finish
  6. Apply sealer coat pigmented with Chelsea blue to china clay soak away channels
  7. Install bespoke white polypropylene grilles to soakaways
  8. Repeat process of preparation and application to changing rooms and install grey quartz falling to soakaway drains


Being a large refurb project, we had to work with other trades and make sure we did not overrun on the planned timetable which meant working into the evening and throughout weekends.


Customer is delighted with the finish and quality of our workmanship quoting ‘the pool looks brand new and not 100 years old’.

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