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Read on to find out top industrial and commercial flooring FAQ’s by the experts at Robex Contracting; all the epoxy resin flooring and epoxy floor coating information that you need to know:

What is an epoxy floor coating?

Epoxy resins are widely used in the manufacture of paints, adhesives, fibre-reinforced plastic, electrical insulation etc. Usually, in paint manufacture, the epoxy resin is supplied as a two-part mix and ‘cross-linked’ with another component. This is usually referred to as the hardener.

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Are epoxy coatings resistant to UV light?

In general terms epoxy resins are not UV stable however there are other products that can be used that resist UV

How do you make a resin floor coating anti-slip?

Floor coatings are made anti-slip by incorporating an aggregate either in with the paint or more normally broadcast into the paint when wet.

How do you fill an expansion joint?

Expansion joints are usually filled with a flexible joint sealant. Sometimes if the joint is not in good condition it can be filled and then re-cut and flexible joint filler would then be used.

What is the difference between epoxy and a polyurethane coating?

A polyurethane coating usually has more flexibility and in certain situations better chemical resistance

What is PTV value?

PTV stands for pendulum test value results are achieved when using the correct appropriate equipment. 0-24 rates as high slip potential – 25-35 has moderate slip potential and 36+ is considered low slip potential.

What is a resin screed?

A resin screed is normally made up of a resin and filler or an aggregate. Usually, the resin is mixed in a large mixer and the filler or is then added and the resultant mixture is then applied by trowel

Are all resin screeds the same?

There are various types of resin screeds available in various usually ranging from 3mm – 9mm with a wide range of finishes and colours.

Can you form a cove with a resin screed?

Yes, you can form a cove.

How long does it take for an epoxy floor coating to dry?

This will depend on the temperature, epoxies stop curing below about 5 degrees centigrade, the warmer the temperature the quicker the cure. Usually, epoxies require twenty-four hours to cure with the full cure taking place over 3-5 days. It is possible to accelerate the cure using a fats cure additive.

Does an epoxy floor coating have an odour?

Depending on the type of epoxy, solvent-based epoxies will have an odour; solvent-free systems have a very low odour

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Does a polyurethane coating have an odour?

The same answer as epoxy coatings it will depend on the type of polyurethane used.

Can epoxy be applied to an oil-contaminated floor?

It is not advisable to apply any floor coating to an oil-contaminated floor without expert advice. Preparation using the correct equipment will help and oil tolerant primers are available.

Can epoxy be applied to a floor if it is damp?

It is important that careful consideration is given and expert advice is to sort of moisture is suspected on a floor. Depending on the situation moisture tolerant primers are available and may be effective depending on the level of moisture – if there are any doubts tests should be undertaken.

How long will an epoxy coated floor last?

This will depend entirely on how the floor is used, the footfall and the original specification. For example, three coats of epoxy applied at a film thickness of 500 – 700 microns will last a lot longer than one coat. Epoxy floor coatings tend to have very hardwearing properties.

What is the best product to clean a resin screed in a kitchen?

The Ferfa guide to cleaning epoxy resin floors is as follows:

Floor cleaning can be thought of as having two components, a mechanical component and chemical component; these two components should work together to mutual advantage.

The mechanical component – energy – may be applied to the floor by hand with a scrubbing motion. Usually, the input is by mechanical agitation, a floor scrubber. High-energy inputs may also be achieved by using high-pressure washers, hot water washers and steam cleaners.

The chemical component, cleaning solution, will dissolve or emulsify the type of soil or contamination present. Once this has taken place the removal of the dirty water and rinsing of the floor are key to successful cleaning. It is important that clean water is used for rinsing.

Resin flooring will not be affected by most generally available special purpose cleaning materials, when these are used in accordance with the Chemical Cleaning Manufacturers’ instructions and the floor rinsed properly with clean water. Specific cleaning instructions should also be sought from the resin-flooring manufacturer.

A small spot test in an inconspicuous area is a worthwhile precaution before applying any new cleaning product.

The cleaning regime should specify the type of equipment to be used, the type of cleaning chemicals to be used, frequency of the cleaning, together with an appropriate Risk Assessment and PPE items.

Each cleaning regime will be specific for a particular set of conditions. Should any of the factors vary e.g. the type of soiling, then a change in the cleaning chemicals may be required. In order that the floor continues to provide the intended performance and meets the hygiene requirements, then it is essential that the user implements the appropriate cleaning regime.

What preparation equipment is required for a normal concrete floor?

Normally a floor is prepared using a diamond headed grinder fitted with vacuum extraction. In some cases large floors and uneven floors can be prepared by shot blasting.

Is there a lot of dust produced during preparation?

Regardless of what method is used to prepare a floor there should be minimal dust if the correct procedure is used.

Can epoxy coatings be made in any colour?

This will depend on the manufacturer and the quantities involved. Usually most epoxy floor coating colours can be manufactured in RAL and BS 4800 colours.

How much does Epoxy flooring cost?

It is difficult to give a price as it depends on the specification and the area involved. Epoxy resin for flooring can be applied as a coating (usually 2/3 coats) or as a screed, typically 3-6mm.

Can you install resin flooring in homes?

Yes, resin flooring can be applied in homes.

How long do you have to wait before you can walk on the epoxy flooring?

The full cure of the resin takes place after 3-5 days, though you can usually walk on an Epoxy floor the day after installation. It is possible in certain circumstances to speed up the cure.

How do you know which flooring is best for your flooring project?

Unless you have a specific Health and Safety requirement, it is up to you to decide which flooring. However, where hygiene is important, you will require a seamless floor screed such as PU6290 or Foodsafe Quartz.

Does a resin floor scratch?

Resin screeds and epoxy floor coatings can scratch if extremely sharp objects are dragged across the surface.

Will the line-markings wear off over time?

Yes, line markings will start to wear in time depending on how much traffic they are subject to. Having said that, two coats of a good line marking paint (Epoxy, Polyurethane, Polyaspartic or MMA) will last a number of years.

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Can your products be installed outside?

Yes, all resins screeds can be applied outside, though there are some that are more suitable for external use, such as MMA.

How long does resin screed flooring last?

Although how long a resin floor will last depends on the specification and the use it is subject to, we are confident that our resin screeds will have a minimum ten-year life expectancy.

Would a forklift damage epoxy resin flooring?

Normal forklift truck use will not damage an epoxy floor coating.

Are epoxy resin floor coatings durable?

Yes, a epoxy floor coating is extremely durable.

Are there any cheaper options than epoxy resin?

There are single pack paints that are cheaper than epoxy. However they are applied a lot thinner and therefore won’t last as long, so epoxy resin for flooring is a better value for money.

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