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Epoxy Resin Flooring

RXEP Hi-Build 500

We manufacture a range of high-build epoxy resin flooring available in either an epoxy or polyurethane finish to cope with almost all service conditions. RXEP Hi-Build 500 has excellent chemical resistance and offers a high-performance, seamless coating. This type of epoxy flooring is perfect to replace your old and worn out concrete floor to increase durability.


Warehousing, chemical processing plants, pharmaceutical production, printing houses, food processing plants, bakeries, dairies, abattoirs and breweries. Hi-Build 500 can also be applied as a safety non-slip finish with the addition of a suitable aggregate.

Product features

  • Excellent abrasion resistance
  • Tremendous chemical resistance
  • Excellent waterproofing qualities
  • Easy to clean
  • Low odour
  • Five times thicker than a normal floor paint
  • Excellent high-build and gloss finish
  • Good colour stability
  • Solvent
  • Standard and bespoke colours available

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    RXEP Liquid Floortile 3000

    RXEP Liquid Floortile 3000 is self-smoothing epoxy resin flooring, applied typically @2-3mm, which has outstanding wear properties lasting 10-20 years.


    Warehousing, pharmaceutical laboratories, bakeries, chemical plants, engineering workshops and generally anywhere where an extremely hard-wearing finish is required.

    Product features

      • Seamless
      • Hard-wearing durable floor for industrial use
      • Ease of application
      • Hygienic
      • Decorative
      • Excellent abrasion and impact resistance
      • Good chemical resistance
      • Smooth finish for precise operating equipment
      • Standard and bespoke colours available

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    RXEP Floorclad 300

    A two-pack, water-based epoxy flooring coating with excellent adhesion to concrete, wood and other surfaces, providing an attractive, hard-wearing dust-free finish. It is easily cleaned, resistant to light chemical attack, and prevents the growth of fungus or bacteria.


    RXEP Floorclad 300 is ideal for food preparation areas, workshops, factory floors, warehouses and breweries.

    Product features

    • Low odour
    • Non-taint
    • Tremendous adhesion
    • Hard-wearing
    • Use as a floor sealer or primer
    • Case-hardens and dust proof
    • Hygienic
    • Slip resistant finish available
    • Available in a range of colours

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    What is an epoxy coating?

    Epoxy resins are widely used in the manufacture of paints, adhesives, fibre re-enforced plastic, electrical insulation etc. Usually, in paint manufacture, the epoxy resin is supplied as a two-part mix and ‘cross-linked’ with another component this is usually referred to as the hardener.

    Are epoxy coatings resistance to UV light?

    In general terms epoxy resins are not UV stable however there are other products that can be used that resist UV.

    How long does it take for an epoxy floor coating to dry?

    This will depend on the temperature, epoxies stop curing below about 5 degrees centigrade, the warmer the temperature the quicker the cure. Usually, epoxies require twenty-four hours to cure with the full cure taking place over 3-5 days. It is possible to accelerate the cure using a fats cure additive.

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