Resin Floor Screeds

Resin Floor Screeds

What is the purpose of resin floor screeds?

By combining the durability of concrete flooring with the superior chemical resistance and waterproofing properties of our resin floor screeds, we offer a range of hard-wearing, long-lasting floors that comply with all Health and Safety regulations. The quality of our Robex resin floor screeds ensures that your floor will be both sturdy and resilient.

Examples of Robex resin floor screeds are shown below:

RXPU 6290

RXPU 6290 belongs to the category of high-strength, hygienic, non-slip, polyurethane resin floor screeds. It is specially engineered to offer superior performance in heavy-duty environments, while also providing resistance to thermal shock, abrasion, and chemicals. The finished flooring system is completely seamless, non-slip, waterproof, and ensures hygienic conditions.


With it’s hygienic and non-slip properties, RXPU 6290 is perfect for industrial kitchens, heavy-duty plant and high-traffic areas, breweries, companies dealing with chemicals, food manufacturing and processing plants.

Screed product features

  • Excellent hygienic, seamless finish
  • Excellent slip resistance in both wet and dry conditions
  • Withstands aggressive cleaning from live steam, hot water, detergents and disinfectants
  • Excellent protection against thermal shock and withstands extreme temperature ranges
  • Excellent resistance to impact damage
  • Virtually odour-free
  • Available in a wide range of resin screed colours

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Foodsafe Quartz

Our Foodsafe Quartz is a quick-curing solution screed perfect for those seeking a new non-slip kitchen floor. In just 3-4 hours, you can have a brand new floor installed. Additionally, we can install a resin floor screed overnight to provide a hygienic and seamless finish that will be ready for use the following morning. Foodsafe Quartz is a versatile solution that is suitable for all heavy use areas.


With its versatility, Foodsafe Quartz is an excellent resin screed flooring solution for a wide range of industries. Including commercial kitchens, food and beverage manufacturing, cold storage, and warehousing. As well as hospitals, chemical and manufacturing plants, engineering workshops, and sports arenas.

Product features

  • Seamless hygienic finish
  • Excellent slip resistance in wet or dry conditions
  • Excellent resistance to impact and mechanical wear
  • High chemical resistance
  • Scratch resistant
  • Long service life
  • Can be applied in sub-zero temperatures
  • Available in a range of standard, blended and bespoke screed colours

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Commercial Flooring Contractors

Robex Contracting is the top commercial flooring contractor in the UK. Our dedicated team guarantees timely completion of your project with excellent results. Our resin screed flooring products are highly durable, even under harsh conditions. We’re committed to client satisfaction and take pride in delivering every project to the highest standard. You can rely on our team to be prompt, courteous, and professional at all times.

Our services are accessible 24/7, including evenings and weekends, so you can rely on us to be there when you need us. We understand that your project needs to be completed to the highest standard with minimal interruption, which is why we work outside of regular business hours.

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