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Resin Screeds

Gripmaster is a rapid curing non-slip resin screed system for external and internal application. Resin screeds protect concrete, timber, masonry and steel structures from deterioration by water and chloride ions. The Gripmaster solution is perfect for a fast turn-around as its rapid curing system means it is ready for use in as little as two hours.


The Gripmaster coating is a versatile solution for industrial applications, as it can be applied to both horizontal and vertical surfaces. Its outstanding durability and anti-slip properties make it ideal for high-wear areas such as loading bays, external walkways, vehicle ramps, and platforms. Additionally, the screed is infused with coloured aggregate to match your brand colours, making it a visually appealing choice. You can choose between two grades: pedestrian grade and vehicle grade, the latter being particularly well-suited for marking loading bays and walkways.

Product features

  • Rapid curing
  • Seamless finish
  • Exceptional wear properties

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What makes Gripmaster the best choice in Resin Screeds

Resin screeds have become increasingly popular in the industrial and commercial flooring industry. Mainly due to the durability, resistance to chemicals, and ease of maintenance it offers. However, not all resin screeds are created equal. Among the many options available on the market, Gripmaster stands out as the best choice for a variety of reasons.

Non-slip properties

First and foremost, Gripmaster is known for its exceptional slip resistance. In environments where safety is a top concern, such as commercial kitchens, hospitals, and schools, a slip-resistant floor can make all the difference. Gripmaster achieves its superior slip resistance through a combination of its textured surface and its use of aggregates. These aggregates are carefully selected and embedded within the resin to provide a durable, long-lasting solution that maintains its non-slip properties even under heavy traffic.

Versatile performance

Another advantage of Gripmaster is its versatility. This resin screed is suitable for a wide range of environments, from food preparation areas to warehouses and workshops. Its durability and resistance to chemicals make it an excellent choice for areas where spills or exposure to harsh substances is likely. Additionally, Gripmaster is available in a variety of finishes, including smooth, textured, and decorative options, making it a versatile solution for any design aesthetic.

Durable against heavy usage

In addition to its slip resistance and versatility, Gripmaster also offers exceptional durability. This resin screed is designed to withstand heavy traffic and impact, making it ideal for use in areas with high foot traffic or heavy equipment. Additionally, Gripmaster is resistant to abrasion and wear, ensuring that it maintains its appearance and functionality even after years of use.

Number one for Hygiene

Gripmaster is also an excellent choice for environments where hygiene is a top concern. This resin screed is seamless, making it easy to clean and maintain. Unlike traditional flooring materials, which have joints and seams that can harbor bacteria and other harmful contaminants, Gripmaster creates a smooth, continuous surface that is easy to sanitize. Making it an ideal choice for hospitals, laboratories, and other environments where cleanliness is essential.

Environmentally friendly

Finally, Gripmaster is an environmentally friendly choice. This resin screed is made from sustainable materials and is VOC-free, meaning it does not emit harmful chemicals into the environment. Additionally, Gripmaster is designed to be long-lasting, reducing the need for frequent replacements and minimizing waste.

As you can see, Gripmaster is the best choice in resin screeds for a variety of reasons. Its exceptional slip resistance, versatility, durability, hygiene, and environmental friendliness set it apart from other options on the market. Whether you are looking to install a new floor in a commercial kitchen, warehouse, laboratory, or any other environment. Gripmaster is the ideal choice for a long-lasting, low-maintenance, and safe flooring solution.

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