Robex products available:

Robex GXR 450

This incredible product is quite literally ‘rubber in a tube’ with fantastic bond strength and flexibility – GXR 450 is used by Robex operatives for all types of work including bonding our non-slip boards to difficult surfaces and for various roof repairs.

Robex Epoxy Crete

Robex Epoxy Crete is an extremely strong epoxy resin repair mortar, which uses the latest novel resin combined with a graded quartz aggregate. Robex engineers use this product mainly for repairing damaged concrete prior to the application of one of our resin-based floor products.

Robex Plasticoat

Robex Plasticoat is a high-performance elastomeric coating for roofs and walls.

Robex RXPX Hi-Build Resin

Robex RXPX Hi-Build Resin is a polyaspartic resin system used for coating floors. It is extremely hard-wearing and stable in UV light, making it an excellent product for line marking.

RXPX Hi-Build Resin cures rapidly, typically in 2 hours, and has a very low odour. This product is recommended when a rapid turnaround is required.

RX P100

Part of the MMA range, RX P100 is part a flexible jointing system and is used where a rapid curing product is required. RX P100 is often used when other jointing products fail to work.

RXPU 6290 Primer

RXPU 6290 Primer is used in conjunction with our RXPU 6290 resin screed.

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