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Hi-build resin floor coatings, self-smoothers and resin flooring

Hi-build resin coatings and self-smoothers.

We manufacture a range of hi-build resin flooring coatings, self-smoothers and general hard-wearing floor resins that are used across varied service conditions. Whether the requirement is for a hi-build coating applied typically at 400-700 microns. Or a liquid self-smoothing system applied at 2-3mm, we have a superb range of products to suit all applications.

Hygienic floor screeds

We manufacture various resin floor screeds applied at between 4-9mm. Our RXPU 6290 is a polyurethane resin available in a range of colours applied at between 6-9mm depending on service conditions.

Our Foodsafe Quartz resin floor screed is applied at 4mm. It is a combination of coloured aggregates set in a clear resin binder. Foodsafe Quartz cures rapidly, typically in two hours, therefore allows for resin flooring to be installed overnight eliminating any downtime.

Line Marking Products

Resin Screeds

Resin Floor Screeds

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