Britvic PLC Beckton

Epoxy resin floor coating & line marking to pet factory floor

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The Britvic site at Beckton, contacted Robex Contracting, to see if we could provide a solution to their existing floor, that was looking 'tired' and unsightly in the main production area of the bottling and labelling PET factory.

Materials used

Robex RXEP Hi-Build 500


All work needed to be carried out during weekend periods, to avoid any disruption to production, with access being allowed after 1.00pm on Saturday until 5.30am on Monday morning.

Work undertaken

The floor areas were prepared with diamond headed grinders, with a vacuum attachment. RXEP Hi-Build 500 was then applied by roller to the prepared surface. Line marking of the walkways and bays were then carried out using contrasting colours, with a fine non-slip aggregate used on walkways.


The factory has a superb new epoxy resin floor that is hard-wearing and easy to clean.

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