Anti-Slip Coatings

Robex manufactures and installs a number of anti-slip coatings that can be applied to almost any surface.

We also manufacture various anti-slip resin screeds for use in kitchens including our Foodsafe Quartz, which is ready for use in 2-3 hours. In addition, we have our GRP non-slip boards for use on steps, landings and walkways. All our anti-slip floor coatings have been independently tested. Our results and test certificates are available on request.

As leading suppliers of anti-slip floor paints, Robex Contracting offers a wide variety of coatings and non-slip floor coating which are designed to ensure optimum safety for customers and colleagues who frequently walk on slippery surfaces.

Anti-slip floor paints can be applied to a range of different interiors and exteriors including; concrete floors found in car parks, wood, metal stairs, and decking. Each different anti-slip solution works particularly well in winter months where concrete floors and metals are at their highest risk.

Make sure you keep your workforce’s best interests at heart by ensuring all floor surfaces have been made safe by using our range of non-slip paints and other non-slip coatings.


Anti-Slip Paint in the Workplace

Anti-Slip Floor Paints: What are they and how do they work?

Anti-slip coatings can be used on both interior and exterior locations. Anti-Slip floor paint can be used on many different surfaces too, including concrete, wood and metal. Anti-slip paint works by providing you with a textured, high-grip finish. This comes from a component of the product which is a heavy-duty aluminium oxide anti-slip aggregate. This aggregate is dispersed when you apply the paint, adding the maximum slip resistance. Perfect for busy workrooms and high foot traffic environments.

Anti-Slip Coating Solutions

As well as anti-slip paint there are also other ways of making painted surfaces slip-proof, such as self-adhesive tapes, which can be used in areas such as small boat decks, ramps and loading bays as well as anti-slip coatings that can be used on ceramic tiles which therefore makes them suitable for use in gym changing rooms and swimming pools where moisture build-up in wet conditions can create a trip hazard.

We also have more durable coatings such as super adhesive rubber surfaced anti-slip coatings, available, that are not only UV stable but also provide an easy to clean surface, making them perfect for use on any surfaces that are required to be anti-slip.

Anti-slip coatings are primarily needed in factories, showrooms, warehouses and other industrial environments as they are all exposed to heavy vehicle and foot traffic on a weekly basis. Because of this constant level of trafficking, there are increased health and safety risks. As an employer, you MUST ensure you are doing everything you can to protect your employees from potential risks or hazards. You can begin this process by making sure all necessary floors, doorways and steps have an anti-slip coating or are covered with the best anti-slip paints.

Buy Anti-Slip Floor Paint

When you are buying anti-slip floor paint be sure to buy from Robex Contracting, a UK based reliable anti-slip floor paint supplier.

Our team has years of experience and a wealth of knowledge when it comes to all types of anti-slip floor paints, whether you are looking for clear anti-slip floor paint or heavy-duty non-slip paint for increased slip resistance. You can rest assured that we have your needs covered, regardless of if you are looking to paint a commercial or domestic property. What’s more, when you choose to buy heavy-duty non-slip paint from Robex you can trust all of our products are available at very competitive prices.

Gripmaster is a rapid curing safety anti-slip paint. It incorporates a hard-wearing anti-slip floor coating aggregate and is designed for heavy-duty areas such as external use walkways, vehicle ramps and platforms. Gripmaster has been designed for a quick and easy application; the entire system including primer, self-level resin with aggregate and sealer can be applied, taking as little as two hours to form as a resistant coating / anti-slip floor coating ready to provide enough grip for heavy foot traffic. Robex Contracting Gripmaster is available with different levels of quartz aggregate to create various levels of non-slip properties, perfect for any non-slip surface.

More Robex Anti-slip Coating Products

RXEP Safety Grip HD

RXEP Safety Grip HD is an epoxy safety grip resin. It is a fantastic heavy-duty resin and aggregate system that provides an extremely hard-wearing anti-slip coating. It is ideal for use in aggressive environments and can be applied as a one or two coat system.


RXEP Safety Grip HD may be used for internal and external walkways, loading bays, factory floors, car parks etc.

Product features

  • Very low odour during application
  • Hard-wearing
  • Available in a range of colours

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Robex Gripmaster

Gripmaster is a rapid curing safety non-slip system. It incorporates a hard-wearing anti-slip aggregate and is designed for heavy duty areas such as external walkways, vehicle ramps and platforms etc.

Gripmaster has been developed for fast-track application; the entire system including primer, self-levelling resin with aggregate and sealer can be applied and ready to receive traffic typically within just two hours.

Gripmaster is available with different grades of quartz aggregate to create various levels of non-slip finish to suit the required service conditions.

• Rapid curing: ready for use in 2-3 hours
• A high degree of resistance to chemicals, oils and other corrosive or unwanted spillages.

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The Robex Contracting wide range of Anti slip floor paints are perfect for use on:

  • Industrial floors such as factories, and hospitals
  • Commercial flooring such as shops, schools, restaurants, old people’s homes, kitchens.
  • Waterside establishments such as marinas, quaysides, pontoons, decks.
  • Indoor barefoot areas such as gymnasiums, swimming pools, showers, changing rooms.
  • Vehicles, pickup trucks, and a range of boats
  • Farm outings such as a barn, animal shed or the stables

When it comes to anti-slip coatings there is no one size fits all solution. There are many factors to consider when choosing the best anti-slip coatings. Contact Robex today to discuss your anti-slip floor coating requirements, we will be more than happy to advise you on what ant slip solution is best for you.

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