Red Funnel

Rapid curing Anti-Slip system to metal vehicle ramps

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Robex Contracting was asked to come up with a solution to install a non-slip resin system to their metal vehicle ramps.


Various attempts had been made to install normal non-slip resins without a great deal of success, due to the limited time available.

Materials used

Gripmaster resin

Work undertaken

Robex Gripmaster typically cures within 2 hours. The Robex Contracting team prepared the ramps in between sailings and were given a window of between 11.00pm and 5.00am by which time the ramps had to be back in service.


The non-slip system installed by Robex Contracting solved the problem for Red Funnel and the rapid curing resin meant minimal disruption.

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Red funnel
Red funnel
Red funnel

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