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Resin flooring

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Robex Contracting were asked to view an existing stone carpet resin floor at Buckingham Parade as it had failed. The existing screed in some places had not fully cured and due to the insufficient resin being used the entire system had started to breakdown very quickly.

Materials Used

Robex Gripmaster 1.2-1.8.

Work Undertaken

As with all resin flooring systems, preparation of the subfloor is critical to the success of the resin system installation. We found large areas of the walkway had minimal preparation and therefore a high probability of failure.

We lifted all loose sections of the subfloor and prepared these large areas using the same acrylic resin system as the final topcoat to ensure that a good bond would be achieved.

Once the entire floor was levelled, a resin binder was applied to the subfloor and then prepared using diamond grinders to ‘key’ the surface, ready for a second resin binder coat.

Once the second resin binder coat had been prepared, we used diamond grinders once again to prepare and level the floor.

A 2mm liquid resin was applied to the whole area, then fully scatter broadcasted with a quartz aggregate (1.2mm – 1.8mm) which was left to cure for one hour then swept to remove all loose aggregate. A sealer coat was then applied and left to cure followed by a second sealer coat and left to cure. Finally, all edges were sealed with our GXR450 Liquid Rubber to ensure a fully watertight seal between the floor and walls.


Apart from the fact that a large demonstration was taking place nearby which meant we had difficulty accessing the site, the area in question is also in a very busy part of London and essential from a health and safety point of view was secure and back in sue quickly.  


The Gripmaster resin system can be used typically within one hour following application and our client was delighted with the results.

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