CBRE | The Fenchurch Building (The Walkie-Talkie), London

Weekend installation of safe anti-slip resin flooring system to cycle pathway

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About our client

For many years, Robex has partnered with CBRE, a prominent facilities management company with many esteemed clients.


The client was looking for a resilient, slip-resistant, and aesthetically pleasing resin flooring solution that would be simple to maintain and able to be installed in a single weekend. The current asphalt coatings had deteriorated to the point of having unsightly bare patches, and this posed a slip hazard.

Materials used

Robex Gripmaster in Cobalt Blue with aggregate size 0.7 – 1.25mm

Featuring a vast range of colours, Gripmaster is a rapid-curing and exceptionally hard-wearing acrylic resin flooring system that incorporates various sizes of aggregate to create a safe anti-slip finish. Gripmaster can be installed both inside and out on almost all surfaces. Applications include walkways, metal ramps, tiled areas, loading bays, swimming pool surrounds and showers, changing rooms, steps and landings, gantries, bridge decks, platforms, and loading docks.

• Long service life
• Excellent wear protection
• Excellent chemical resistance
• Floors back in use in just 1-2 hours

Work undertaken

After a comprehensive mechanical grinding process was carried out with the use of vacuum-assisted machinery to suppress dust, our quick-setting MMA Asphalt Primer was applied. Finally, the Gripmaster resin system with anti-slip aggregates added and a sealer coat completed the process.


Given the deteriorated condition of the substrate, preparation of the area for the resin flooring system required several hours. Consequently, the project team started working at 6.00 pm on Friday evening to make sure that the project would be concluded within the designated time limit.


On Monday morning, when the building opened for business, the brand-new cycle pathway was welcomed with enthusiasm by all.

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