Crowne Plaza Kitchen Project

New resin screed to kitchen floor

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Robex were tasked with the removal of all tiles in the Hotel main kitchen and the installation of our resin screed.

Materials used

RXPU 6290 at 9mm.

Work undertaken

All tiles were removed by a kango. The substrate was then mechanically prepared, using diamond headed grinders with a vacuum attachment. We then installed our seamless PU6290 resin at 9mm.  The resin coving was then installed.


We were given a timescale of 8 days, which included a Bank Holiday to complete the work, without causing any disruption to the kitchen services. This was achieved to the satisfaction of all concerned.


A new hygienic hard wearing resin floor that is easy to maintain and one that will give many years of service. The hotel was delighted with the outcome.

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