Robex epoxy high build resin applied to new warehouse floor

RXEP Hi-Build 500 applied to 9500m² floor

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High Build Epoxy Resin applied to new warehouse floor

9500m² of brand-new warehouse floor for a prestigious client in Essex.

The complete surfacing of power floated floor using our solvent-free RXEP Hi-Build 500 system.

Having dealt with the client via our sister company, Robex Industrial Products, which supplies maintenance repair systems direct to the industrial sector, we were asked to provide proposals for all works involved in providing a hard-wearing, chemical resistant floor coating. Work commenced July 2020.

Matertials Used

Robex RXEP Hi-Build 500, a two-part solvent free epoxy coating that provides a super hard-wearing, glossy finish with the advantage of a high resistance to chemicals.

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Work Undertaken

The surface had a reinforced power floated finish, which required the addition of vacuum blast track equipment during preparation to provide the texture needed to gain adhesion for the Hi-Build 500.
Steel particles used in the reinforced flooring finish were then removed, the substrate swept, and the entire area vacuumed prior to applying our first coat of RXEP Hi-Build 500 via squeegee and roller.
A second coat was applied using the same method.


As with most large projects there often challenges working in areas where other trades are working alongside you. Therefore, the need to stick to the program of works, timetable and schedule was critical; we managed this by working throughout weekends and outside of normal working hours which worked well for everyone involved.


The client is delighted with the fantastic finish on the floor which will last for years to come.

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