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Installation of a safe anti-slip, seamless resin floor to the Penguin Rearing Room

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About our client

For over ten years, Robex has partnered with Pareto FM, a prominent facilities management company with a host of esteemed clients.


Create a durable, anti-slip, aesthetically pleasing resin flooring solution that is easy to clean and maintain and could be installed with the least possible disruption to the client.

Materials used

Robex Gripmaster in our Bayside Blend incorporating 0.7 – 1.2 aggregate sizes.

Featuring a vast range of colours, Gripmaster is a rapid-curing and exceptionally hard-wearing acrylic resin flooring system that incorporates various sizes of aggregate to create a safe anti-slip finish. Gripmaster can be installed both inside and out on almost all surfaces. Applications can include walkways, metal ramps, tiled areas, loading bays, swimming pool surrounds and showers, changing rooms, steps and landings, gantries, bridge decks, platforms, and loading docks.

• Long service life
• Excellent wear protection
• Excellent chemical resistance
• Floors back in use in just 1-2 hours

Work undertaken

The substrate underwent mechanical grinding and was then vacuumed to remove all the dust. Following that, a resin primer was applied, and then Robex Resin GP was laid down at a depth of 2-3mm. After that, the whole area was broadcast with a coloured aggregate. Once the resin had set, any excess aggregate was cleared away and two coats of sealer were applied.


The floor had previously been subject to countless layers of coating and was in poor condition. But, once the surface had been properly prepared, the rest of the project was smooth sailing.


The staff in the Penguin Rearing Room had been eagerly awaiting the installation of their new floor, and they are delighted with the result.

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