Kirkman & Jourdain for Cokenach Estate, Barkway, Near Royston Herts.

Seamless, hygienic flooring installation for cold room store

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Our Objective

To install Robex Foodsafe Quartz flooring to convert an ‘outhouse building’ to use as a new cold store.

Cokenach Estate is a 5000-acre shooting estate in the rolling Hertfordshire Hills. Kirkman & Jourdain were the main contractors who Robex has worked with in the past.

Materials used

Robex Foodsafe Quartz

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Work Undertaken

The floor had to be repaired using our rapid resin repair kits and then the whole surface was mechanically ground using a diamond-headed grinder with vacuum attachment.
Once all the preparation was complete our Primer GP was installed by roller.

After approximately 30-45 minutes the next stage of the installation could take place. We installed our Resin GP at approximately 2-3mm. A quartz aggregate 0.7 – 1.2mm was then broadcast into the resin and allowed to dry.

Once the resin had cured (approximately 30-45 minutes) all the excess aggregate was removed, and two coats of our Sealer GP were then installed by brush & roller.


The substrate was in a very poor condition, and it was vital that the floor was ‘flat’ before installing our Robex Foodsafe Quartz flooring system. We used our repair curing resin repair mortar to carry out this work. Using this product allowed us to prepare the floor within a short period of time and to install the floor in the same day.


The client was thrilled with the finish.

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