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Car Park Expansion Joint

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The Sofitel Heathrow is a five-star luxury hotel. It is connected to Terminal Five via a walkway directly from the hotel, therefore the car park is extremely busy.

The hotel approached Robex Contracting to solve a problem they had with existing expansion joints in their car park. The joints were failing and the concrete was breaking up and falling through the joint to the floor below.

Materials used

Robex MMA resin INCLUDING RXP100 Flexible Joint Sealer

Work undertaken

We recut the joint each side of the existing joint, put in place a backing foam and filled the joint with Robex MMA resin and stone repair mortar.

Once the resin had fully set, the joint was then recut and filled with our highly flexible jointing compound RXP100.


The new joint has been a success, coping with a large amount of expansion and contraction without any ‘debonding’ of the resin.

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