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The new postal museum opened in July 2017 and is based near the Mount Pleasant sorting office in Clerkenwell London. The museum reveals five centuries of history through the eyes of its iconic postal service, including an underground ride on mail rail, London’s unique 100-year-old postal railway.

There is a steep ‘ramp’ leading from the pavement to the museum entrance. The museum had tried painting the concrete surface and after this failed, they installed Non-Slip boards which were also unsuccessful. Jason Whynstanley – the head of technical services at the museum contacted Robex to see if they could come up with a solution.

Materials used

Robex Gripmaster

Work undertaken

The work had to be carried out overnight – all of the GRP boards were removed and the surface prepared using diamond headed grinding equipment. Gripmaster Primer was then applied and allow to dry. Gripmaster resin was then installed broadcasting a coarse aggregate. Once cured all of the excess aggregates was removed and then Gripmaster Sealer coat was then applied. The work was finished within three hours and back in use the following morning.


The contract was quite straight forward apart from dealing with inclement weather conditions


The museum were delighted with results and sent an email to Robex the following morning. ‘Please find attached a picture taken this morning – the new surface on the sloop looks amazing, so neat so professional and so effective – finally the postal museum have the surface we wanted’

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